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How Brian & Son Truck & Auto Got Started!

Back in 2020 Brian bought his first semi and decided to become an owner operator for the first time. In 2022 we started our own trucking company, Volker Trucking LLC, and put on a few company drivers as well as owner operators. 

After owning trucks for a few years, we were getting frustrated with the cost of repairs and how crazy it seemed shop prices were getting!! Not to mention when breakdowns happen out of state, it's almost impossible to find someone to get to you or you get pushed to the side. 

We had an opportunity arise with a mechanic that we really liked and we ran with it! We decided to open our own shop with the intention of making sure we can accommodate your needs to the best of our ability! Our goal is to put our customers first and be fair on pricing.


With us being so close to 380 we thought having a service truck would also be a great addition to the shop for better servicing our customers!  

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Our Team.

Meet the Brian & Son Truck & Auto team! 

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